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Hyper performance, extreme versatility

Agility, boldness and fun, this is the tried and tested recipe that the new Hypermotard family uses to deliver unforgettable thrills. The total control and extreme versatility of the 3 models mean you can be the king of any road with true Hyper spirit.

The new Hypermotard family has done it again with the latest design which offers, as with the first version, a stunning looking bike that is a joy to ride. 

The original dirtbike-inspired look has become even more daring thanks to the visibly higher ground clearance, the high and tapered tail and the narrow sides. These are the design elements that characterise the new version and which have been created for a motorbike that can be used for urban commuting, touring or for a thrilling day-out on the track.

Although maintaining the typical hand protectors of off-road models, the new Hypermotard offers redesigned rear-view mirrors in order to blend in perfectly with the model's clean design and the need to use it in the city. The attention paid to the flow of the lines has allowed the essential and minimalist image of this family to be maintained, despite the complexity of integrating the new Ducati 821 cc Testastretta 11° water-cooled engine.
The new Hypermotard family therefore stands out because of its proportions, ergonomics and practicality, besides being equipped with the latest Ducati technology.

While the Hypermotard and Hypermotard SP versions faithfully maintain an essential Supermotard look, the Hyperstrada model seems less extreme and has specific features aimed at touring.

Demo Bikes // Hypermotard Riding Mode // Available Colours


Demo Bikes

Book your Hypermotard or Hyperstrada Test Ride today - We always have a selection of Demo bikes available.

Riding Mode Technology

The Hypermotard contains all Ducati's state-of-the-art technology: from the DTC that maximises the bike's performance and active safety, to the Bosch 9MP ABS system with combined front and rear braking to ensure extra-short stopping distances. A concentrate of high intelligence found in the three Riding Modes developed specifically for each model, with the ability to select different riding modes by adjusting the Power Mode, ABS and DTC. Then, for a true motard style experience, the Hypermotard SP allows selection of another special ABS setting that enables locking of the rear wheel.

Hypermotard Colours

There are a choice of colours depending upon the Hypermotard model chosen. For 2014, the Hypermotard and Hypermotard SP are available in Red, Dark Stealth and SP Livery. The Hyperstrada is available in Arctic White or Red.

Please view our models archive to see previous Hypermotard models and colours.